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Warner Media Access Talent Spotlight

“We came to play… but we ain’t playin” — the Moto of the week as I played, learned, laughed and grew with 19 other actors at the inaugural @warnermediaaccess Talent Spotlight. For my first trip to LA, it was one to be remembered forever!!! I really feel like I left LA

gaining a whole new family of incredible diverse top notch talent, that one day I know I will work with again and again! Thanks to the hard work of Warner Media folks @karenhorne @graceanne18 @sp8.s Casting team @ablcasting @nebcasting88 @mdadamscasting @mralanluna our crew and space @averygoodspace and our Director & lead producers @captain_lisa_dring @taniikeda. I am so proud to be part of this family and inclusive initiative to prove to #hollywood that #inclusionmatters #representationmatters and there are #nomoreexcuses. THE BAR HAS BEEN SET. WE ARE HERE. And we ain’t playin….

Photo Credit : @sp8.s @muradbyunus @thedoophus @toshikophoto


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