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Disability is OK! A program for your school!

We are finally back in #schools sharing our #DisabilityIsOK presentation with my partner Clinton. We planned on really tackling inclusion in education in early 2020 but because of the pandemic and starting our family it was all put on hold. When we go to schools, we share our story, who we are, how we drive and achieve independence. We explain #dwarfism, we touch on #disability as a whole and we open up #bravespace for #respectful#curiosity. We use the power of #theatre as a tool to #engage students in conversation and have them be part of the #change. We specifically altar and shift our presentations based on age so that we lean into the grade appropriate #socialemotional learning needed for real #impact. It felt so good to do this again. Can’t wait for the next one. PM me if you want us at your school. We are #Boces Certified.

Sizzle Reel coming soon!!

"Disability is OK!" is strung at the top of the image in orange lettering. Under that line, there is a bright multi-colored image of hands reaching up, in the palms of each hand there is a cut out heart. Under the raised hand image we see the text "A presentation of acceptance and similarities by Sofiya Cheyenne and Clinton Brown"


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