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Snow White... are we done yet?

These are interesting times... This Snow White movie has gotten some traction in the news media and I wanted to share my thoughts. Dwarf actors are qualified, professional and very talented human beings. Why we don't see this, because historically dwarves have been #misrepresented through #ableist #Hollywood. HOWEVER.... Snow White, although can seem controversial, IS a story for us! Who else will play the beloved #sevendwarves of the classic?! This is our movie. If Disney decides to go with CG animation for these characters, I would be disappointed. We are PEOPLE. Dwarves are part of humanity. And to dismiss our humanity, to dehumanize us by using computer generated "mystical creatures" is problematic. We belong in Hollywood! We belong there. Just like every one else... to be SEEN AS HUMANS.

As much as I don't really care to see another version of #SnowWhite... if Hollywood is going to produce such a film then cast dwarves in the role of "DWARF". HELLO!?

But heres another bit of advice for you Hollywood... The dwarf community has a rich complicated history of representation. If we want to produce a movie that will captivate audiences, grow our empathy and create impact, lets see a movie about the #OvitzFamily . *THE TRUE SEVEN DWARVES OF OUR TIME* a family that survived unbelievable obstacles and dehumanization during Nazi Germany WWII. Those are the seven dwarves we should make a movie about. period.


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