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Recurring roles are hard to find....

Lets talk for a second about how you can probably only count one ONE HAND any LP women that have had a recurring role on a TV Show. Have I made it to that list?!? Yes. I have! People!!! Us "little women" are under- represented. But there is good change happening. Lets keep it up. There is such a need for roles for women like myself, especially in legitimate work that sees us as human beings and not as objects of exploitation. Shout out to Meredith Eaton who has been representing on shows such as NCIS & MacGyver in the states for a while! It's time to change the narrative. I respect everyone in this industry, because its hard exhausting work. It takes very special people to push for their dreams and make them happen. But I especially respect those that have dwarfism that strive to be in work that is valuable and meaningful and doesn't make us the butt of the joke. There are plenty of men out there. It is time for women to be seen too!

Check out this list below- you count the men vs women and tell me what you think.....


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