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I am attempting to write a play.....

Yep.. thats write!! I mean right!! ... can you tell I'm nervous? Its funny because I try to share and tell my story all the time to people. Every day there is a moment where I have to put my teacher hat on and educate someone about dwarfism whether its just giving them a smile or actually describing the origin of the word "midget". Either way... its a norm for me in a way. But now... as I start to actually write words on a page and try to articulate what I know on paper... I am stuck. It's as if I am psyching myself out. Why am I so afraid to tell the truth? Why are we all so afraid to tell the truth? be honest? or take the harder path instead of the easier one? Why am I so critical or myself and never think its enough? Why do I doubt myself in the times when I need to listen to my own advice the most.

...I dont know why ... but I hope that I push myself ... I hope I break through the fears and the obstacles and overcome them. I hope that I can trust that I know what I know.. and THAT IS ENOUGH. I hope I can do this ...

Thank you all for always believing in me. YOU make me keep going.

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