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"Orphans & Outsiders" on April 30th

You're Invited! | Workshop Reading of "Orphans & Outsiders" [A New Play Written & Directed by Andrew Garrett in Collaboration with Jackie Rivera] The Play: Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, our play grapples with the social issues surrounding equality. Featuring a large ensemble cast of diverse young adults and continuous action, single set storytelling – an eclectic egalitarian group is pit against an elitist majority threatening their identities and lives. When faced with survival, what prevails: self-preservation or communal consciousness? Ticket Information: April 30th from 2:30 - 5:00 PM American Theatre of Actors | RADD Fest 2016 Tickets [$3] Collaborators: Daniel Burns Sofiya Cheyenne Julie Ann Earls Rachel Ingram Rachel Lin Ben Odom Chris Orgen Joshua Popa Justine Rappaport Cesar J. Rosado Selina Rosales Andre Smith Austin Thomas Bailey Thomas Olander Wilson Critical Response: Audience members are invited to provide written and verbal feedback for the artists following the reading. We will be having a facilitated critical response dialogue. Come Support New Work!

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