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...just another day....

As I walk down the platform to get to the front of the train on Atlantic Ave a young boy starts tugging at his moms coat and says:

Kid: Mom! Mom! Look small she is!

(I turn, smile and wave hi at the kid)

Kid: Mom! Look.. she's so small!

Mom: Oh! Do you know her?

Kid: No... but I wanted to tell her that she's small but she's an adult

Me: That's right ... I am an adult... You are so observant ;)

I wanted to share this story because I have to admit I was quick to judge and assumed that this situation would end up being a negative one. As I saw the kid gawk and tug at his moms coat I thought... "Oh god.. here we go again..." But I was wrong because even though the young boy was in awe of my size, he had nothing negative to say at all. Sometimes even I have to take a step back and remind myself that there are children and parents out there that teach their kids the right thing to say and grow up to be open minded.


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