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Dominick Lawniczak Evans, a human rights activist, runs a fb page called "Access Equality for People with Disabilities". He asked if I would want to be featured on his page to educate the world about how awesome our disabled community is... He asked, what is one thing you want the world to know about you, about having a disability, or anything else...OR what is the biggest access barrier you feel is facing the disability community or one barrier that affects you personally.

This is what I had to say...

I am a working actress in New York City, trying to break barriers in the Entertainment Industry. There are many things that work against me in this profession I have chose, but most specifically is breaking the mold of "stereotypes". Most perceptions of people like me (meaning people with dwarfism) come from a long history of circus and freak shows. Little people are still the "butt" of the joke... and if I wanted to share one thing with anyone, it would be that these perceptions need to STOP.

The disabled community is one of those minority groups that still deal with prejudice, name-calling and are thought of as "lesser" in our society. I believe the best way to make these perceptions STOP or at least dissipate them is through the arts. What better way to show the world our worth then through TV, Film & Theater?

Entertainment & Media can be very persuasive and thought provoking... the arts push us to think about the world we live in and how we can make it a better place. As someone who lives with dwarfism, I see first-hand on a daily basis the looks, perceptions, and inferiority that abled bodied people make us feel. Just the same as any other minority in America, we too deserve to be thought of as equal.

I know it is a hard thing to ask of people, but if we can be where we are with gay rights, women's rights and many other minority groups, why can't we redeem the respect that WE ALL deserve?

I love this country that I live in, because of opportunities such as this, where I can share my opinion and hope that it is heard by someone. Just ONE person is all it takes... people with disabilities have been thought of as "lesser" for far too long, especially those with dwarfism. Nows the time for CHANGE, and I am trying my best to make it happen... one audition at a time.

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