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TOP 10 Most Influential little people

Hey guys! It’s October 28th and it’s Dwarfism Awareness Month! Check out this cool video of the Top 10 most influential Little People. With #1 being Billy Barty! If you don’t know who that is …. You should look him up. He is the beginning of it all… because of Billy Barty LPA is what it is today. He was also a very well known actor in America and made a huge impact on how little people were viewed in the public eye.

Read more about him here ….

10 - Kenny Baker

9 - Herve Villechaize

8 - Zelda Rubinstein

7 - Danny Woodburn

6 - David Rappaport

5 - Verne Troyer

4 - Matthew Roloff

3 - Warwick Davis

2 - Peter Dinklage

1 - Billy Barty

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