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Shameless Self-Promotion! ;)

Hey guys its October 20th and it's Dwarfism Awareness Month! In honor of this incredible month FULL of awareness, I want to take this as an opportunity to do a little shameless self promotion. ;) Just yesterday I started rehearsals for a play in which I believe to be the forefront of amazing strides in the Industry... check it out

I am so excited to invite you to:

Off Broadway's "The Lilliput Troupe" by Gaby FeBland !!

THE LILLIPUT TROUPE tells the incredible true story of the Ovitz family, seven vaudeville-performing siblings with dwarfism who survived a year in Josef Mengele's laboratory. Structured as a post-war vaudeville retelling of "Snow White," the play follows the Lilliputs on their unlikely journey from their home in the mountains to vaudeville stages across Europe to the laboratory of the most notorious war criminal of the 20th century. Combining klezmer music, shadow puppetry, and the humor of vaudeville THE LILLIPUT TROUPE spotlights the power of family, the weight of survival, and the place of theatrics in a world of war.

WHEN? November 6 - 15 at 8pm (No show on Nov 9)

WHERE? The American Theater for Actors Chernuchin Theater

(314 W 54th St, New York NY 10019)

This show is very special to me!! Not only because I had the honor of playing the same role with a different company last summer, but because it is TRUE and full of LOVE. This is truly a remarkable story that many people do not know about... it would be so lovely to see you in the audience! I hope you can make it! .. and bring a friend! about awareness, it doenst get better than this!

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