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Understanding Dwarfism

Hey guys!! It's October 8th and it's Dwarfism Awareness Month!! A lot of this month is about sharing, educating, awareness and outreach. There are so many resources these days to learn more about dwarfism. Probably not as much as other forms of disability, but we do have good amount of resources available compared to what it used to be. One of my favorite resources to share with my friends and family is Understanding Dwarfism. They have just recently wrote a children's book entitled "NOT TOO BIG…not too small…Just right for me!" Both Jimmy and Darlene Korpai have created this wonderful platform of information and now they have written a book. If you have a child or know of a child and want to teach them more about dwarfism, I encourage you to buy this book!

Here is an excerpt from their website:

Today, dwarfism remains a mystery to most people. Throughout history, in art, literature, and movies, people with a form of dwarfism are rarely depicted as "regular people " and are often depicted based on the novelty factor of their stature rather than on other personal attributes.

In an attempt to embrace the richness, diversity and complexity of those of us who share a visible difference - dwarfism - and whose history, until now, has been lost or overburdened with the legacy of myth, we explore our past, recognize the present, and help shape our future.

Today, people with dwarfism are creating their own direction which challenges the stereotypes and stigma placed on them from the past. They are the most recent minority group to join the identity procession that marked the last decades of the 20th century and continues into the 21st. Very much like the path of women, African Americans, gays and lesbians, and persons with disabilities, the dwarfism community is eager to explore their history, clarify their identity and claim a rightful seat at society’s table. We seek a place where people with dwarfism are understood, recognized as positive contributors to society and treated and seen as equal members of society.

It is our understanding that we cannot change the entire world. Our efforts hope to educate those who have an interest, spark one in those who have none and leave our doors open but give no attention to those who remain ignorant to the value of those who may have a difference. We invite you to explore this site with an open mind in hopes that you will be able to better understand dwarfism.

Adapted from "The Lives of Dwarfs: Their Journey from Public Curiosity toward Social Liberation" by Betty M. Adelson

Understanding Dwarfism website

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