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NO reality TV for me!

If you haven't noticed yet, these days there has been a wave of Reality Shows based around little people. Especially the more recent ones: "Little Woman: LA" & "Little Women: NY," which I believe to be more of a replica of "Housewives of LA" or Housewives of ... anything.... This is very upsetting and dissapointing for me to see in the industry. These women are representing a very small community of little people and some of these shows are peoples first encounter with people with dwarfism. Although sometimes there is some good insight on the struggles of being a little person, most of the time all we see are cat-fights and bitter attitudes towards eachother. I think this is a disgrace to community and to the entertainment industry. I have no problem with any of these women, but it saddens me to think they are a representation of the little people community now.

I have been asked to be on mutiple reality shows about little people throughout my career, but I have refused all of them, because I refuse to start my acting career on one of these shows! I want to be recognized for my professionalism, personality & talent. Below is an amazing article written by Hollis Andrews, another LP actress like myself that believes in the same thing I do.

Thank you Hollis Andrews for sharing this incredible insight on Reality TV. I agree with you 100%! .... don't worry girl, we'll make it BIG on our own, we don't need these exploitive shows to make it! ;)

Please read article HERE >>

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