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I think one of the most controversial talked about things when it comes to little people is DATING. But let me cue you in on something… we can love… just like anyone else. Sure, dating isn’t the easiest thing in the world, maybe for us it a bit more difficult than for others. There is always that social understanding of ‘the girl has to be shorter than the guy.’ Or ‘the guy has to be stronger and bigger.’ Or ‘age’… or ‘distance’… and any other thing you can think of that “normal”?! Well… that doesn’t stop us from finding love. When it comes to dating and trying to find someone to love…. it is possible! It was never easy for me, as a woman I was always “THE FRIEND”. But the same goes for guys too. I know many people that are in relationships: the guys an LP the girls an AP or vice versa or two LP’s in a relationship. There are different kinds of people in all sorts of relationships. Little people can be intimate, we can buy flowers, be romantic, go out dancing, go see a movie – any date you can imagine.

I am lucky to have found love. But love is so many things to me… I have my family, my friends, my acquaintances, and to top it all off… my boyfriend. Little people can date, and be in relationships, straight, gay or what have you! LOVE IS POSSIBLE FOR ALL! Whether you have a disability or not!


Today is the last day of October; throughout the month I have writing on Facebook and my blog about the things that I hope would spread more awareness on people with dwarfism. Things that are usually questionable or a curiosity to others! If there is anything that I hope reached out to anyone who is reading it’s this: WE ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU!

The awareness doesn’t stop here though! Every day is a day to teach others about me! So feel free to always ask questions and learn, because it’s about time people start learning! ‪#‎dwarfismawareness‬ ‪#‎loveispossible‬ ‪#‎4years‬ ‪#‎motivated‬

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