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Finding clothes...

Hey guys! It’s October 27th and it’s Dwarfism Awareness Month! Most little people have trouble shopping for clothes because it’s hard to find things that fit us! This is a common challenge we face every time we enter a clothing store. Some people buy kids clothes, some people make their own clothes (a goal of mine) and some people get everything altered. These days, I have to say, a lot of the clothes made for women are very short on average height people, but at the knee for me! So I’ve been pretty lucky the last few years with some things. But everything almost always needs to be altered. I think most little people have to think creatively when it comes to dressing themselves. The hardest part is when you are adult and you are trying to find clothes that look mature, sophisticated or just plain more adult-like, but our only options are children’s clothes. This can be very frustrating if I am trying to find something for an audition or a job interview. Not only is it hard to find things, but then when you find a piece of clothing you need to get it altered which costs more money!! Many little people spend sooo much money on making sure clothes fit them. My hope is that one day there will be a fashion line for little people… made for all different types of dwarves. Whoever takes on that challenge will be an ANGEL, because it is NOT an easy task! However it is necessary!!! It would be nice to go into a store and pick something off the rack and know that it will fit me… but until then… my seamstress makes a killing off of me! Haha! But I love her, I think its important for little people to have a relationship with their seamstress/tailor because you want them to know HOW you like to look and WHAT you want. I have had many seamstresses and they have always been a huge part of my life.

… So that was just another look into the daily life of me… If you know a designer, tell them to get on it and start making clothes for little people!! ;)

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