"looking back & looking ahead"

Monday July 9th 2pm-5pm

LPA Convention (Orlando, FL)



by Bruce Johnson

All Of You

(A celebration)

By Kevin Berry 

Series of Poems

By Marlena Chertock


"The Gene Lottery"

Following our installation and performance, please join us for a reading of a new play entitled "THE GENE LOTTERY" written by Sofiya Cheyenne Kristy Dodson

When Cynthia and Christopher Davidston, two people with dwarfism, become pregnant they quickly find themselves part of a genetic phenomenon. In The Gene Lottery we follow the Davidston’s insufferably hilarious encounters with the abled bodied population as they undergo genetic testing to determine the likelihood of dwarfism in their future child. The Gene Lottery is a dark comedy that subverts fears surrounding what a disabled life is perceived to be through a community that often feels invisible yet extremely on display. 

It is so important to us as writers to have the LP community hear this very important story. 

CYNTHIA - Sarah Rebecca Folkins
CHRISTOPHER - Andrew Bambridge
FLOYD - Mark Povinelli
AP - Kristy Dodson


Why Laugh

By Sarah Folkins

Own That Mirror

By Sofiya Cheyenne

El Dios Tiene Una Razon

By Cuquis Robledo

Dear Papou

by Andrew Bambridge


By Melchizefek (Melkis) Jean Jacques