El Dios Tiene Una Razón

(God has a reason)


Cuquis Robledo

Inspiration for the piece:

Listening to Marlena's beautiful poetry, I was inspired by the whole series, but there was one I was immediately drawn to the one entitled, "The People on the bus." What I took away from that is we are sometimes so in our own head and in our own space that we forget to look around to see what is beautiful around us. We sometimes are our worst critics and at times overly criticize ourselves and the world to the point where we forget that there are some really positive things in our lives. How we feel about ourselves, how we present ourselves is really the one that matters, and no one else's. But the one thing that is universal that I took away from the whole series is that we are all so unique and that is what makes each and everyone of us beautiful in our own way. I believe that God made us this way because He (or She) saw something special in us. Some fight, some resilience that no one else has. And for that reason, we should not care what anybody else thinks of us. 

I wanted to do something I haven't done before, and that was write a song. But I wanted it to to evoke a positive message, get people feeling motivated, and make people smile and feeling happy. So being part Cuban, I made it a reggaeton, which is l basically like a Latin-inspired rap. So mi gente (my people), I hope you enjoy this piece and that it not only will (hopefully) get you up and dancing, but that you will remember that we are in this together, we are beautiful, we are powerful and we should not care what other people think about us! Thank you to the DAC for allowing me to participate in this wonderful project!


Cuquis Robledo, a Houstonian and Cuban-Mexican American, has a B.A in Psychology from Duke University and is about to attend graduate school at Elon University at the end of July where she will be getting her Masters in Interactive Media. She has also worked for the non-profit, Disability Rights Washington, for their Rooted in Rights Project for the past three years where she directed, produced, written, starred, and edited advocacy videos on disability rights issues, such as her most known video, #CrappyCurbs (2015), where she discusses the importance of curb cut compliance. She also taught and mentored people with disabilities on how to produce their own advocacy videos for their Rooted in Rights Storytellers Series, as their Storytellers Coordinator. She's also spoken at national disability rights conferences, such as NDRN and AUCD, on the importance of digital storytelling, as well as hosted Rooted in Rights' very first Storytellers Film Festival in Seattle back in April 2018. Cuquis has always had a passion for the arts. She loves, photography, and painting, and filming - she's participated in the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge three years in a row. However, her passion is Latin Dance and she occasionally competes in regional competitions. She also has a passion for theater, which she did while at Duke University. She also currently serves as the Public Relations Director of Little People of America. To find out more about her work, visit, https://www.rootedinrights.org/videos/storytellers-series/, and find Cuquis at cuquisrobledo.com or @cuquis_robledo.



Houston, TX but moving to Elon, NC at the end of July.